How To Publish Your Page Rank Articles

Using keywords to publish Page Rank articles has become a critical part of SEO (search engine optimization). Keywords are key elements of how search engines rank websites. A website is ranked based on the number of times it appears on the search engine’s list of results, how many times it has been indexed and visited, and its level of authority (who owns the page) among other things.

Ako efektívne písať PR články? - TOP SEO marketingové základy

So how do you get around the problem of keywords? One way is to publish your article with your main keyword in it, but place a very low importance on it. Why? Because if a reader wants to learn more about your specific subject, he doesn’t want to read text with all the power of a giant keyword screaming at him. He’ll just click off to the next link and come back later. PR články

Another way is to publish an article and include lots of keywords in the title. The reason this works well is that Google uses the keywords in the title and description and then ranks each one of them separately. By using a lot of keywords in the title, Google will give the article a better chance of being listed ahead of all those thousands of other articles listed below it. However, you should be careful not to use too many keywords. It’s better to have fewer keywords and more relevant keywords in the body of the article.

Some people try to trick Google by using keywords hidden in the articles. For example, they might have written an article about “fishing equipment” and then in the last paragraph mention “tips for using ice fishing equipment”. Although this trick does work, because search engines consider articles with hidden keywords to be authoritative, you might get penalized for this. The same holds true for using keywords inside the articles – you might get penalized. You can keep the keywords out by using appropriate anchor texts in your titles and the names of your links.

There are also a number of different ways you can optimize the publish page. If you publish lots of high quality articles on a regular basis then it will help your site to climb up the ranks. However, you need to make sure that your articles are well written and that you don’t include any grammar or spelling errors. If your articles are stuffed full of words, but still can’t be read then it is probably best to move on to another site. Publishing lots of poor quality articles is a sure fire way of not being noticed by Google and therefore never being ranked for the keywords you are trying to target.

One final note. In order to publish for Google, you will need to add a hyperlink to your website in the article. Don’t just put it in the article body, but instead insert it into a special HTML called a “back link” at the bottom of every article page. This is not visible to Google, but the search engines use this special code to determine where a website is located. Including this small piece of information in each article page is vital for being found by the Google search engines and it will improve the rankings of your website.

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